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Don’t Repeat!

By on March 10, 2016 in Tips and Tactics


Tracey's best-selling book

Tracey’s best-selling book

This comes from Tracey Jackson, my longtime friend and writer of The Guru, among other great screenplays.

It’s simple: when re-reading your pages, make sure you never repeat a word, phrase, or even a similar sounding word or phrase. Re-read your pages and see if you have this habit. Now’s the time to resolve to stop!

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  1. Rosy Cruz says:

    This ‘no repeat rule’ doesn’t work for dialogue. Kubrick, for example, uses repetition a lot in scripts like the one for “Eyes Wide Shut”:

    You’re absolutely right. Where we
    going, girls?

    NUALA (laughs)
    Where the rainbow ends.

    BILL slows down a little.

    Don’t you want to go where the
    rainbow ends?

    Do I want to go where the rainbow

    Bill’s repeating of what people says is an important part of the script…