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Why You Should Always Be Writing a Spec Script

By on January 17, 2014 in Today's Blog

In this video from the last Save the Cat! one-day event, writer Matt Allen shares his experience and advice. Watch Matt, whose credits with partner Caleb Wilson include Four Christmases and Soul Surfer, and learn a key career move.

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Matt Allen

About the Author

About the Author: Matt Allen has worked steadily as a feature screenwriter for New Line Cinema, Paramount, Disney, Sony, Warner Brothers, Fox, Lionsgate, and Universal since 2001. Allen (with former partner, Caleb Wilson) is best known for Four Christmases, as well as Soul Surfer, and the Barry Sonnenfeld comedy, Nine Lives, starring Kevin Spacey, Jennifer Garner, and Christopher Walken. Most recently, Allen and frequent collaborator, Chris Borrelli, sold an action film pitch and script along with producer Chris Morgan (Fast & Furious Franchise) to Universal Studios. .

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  1. Always be writing spec scripts is very true – think of your scripts as arrows in your quiver – would you go into battle with just one arrow?

    Also, write outside your comfort zone – I just finished writing a zombie script even though I do not like zombie movies. Learning to research, study and materialize material helps make you a better writer.

    Thinking about writing a script is not the same as actually writing a script.