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What’s Your Writer’s Resolution?

By on January 7, 2010 in Today's Blog

It may be a new year; and yet, we still face the same challenge: The economic forecast is dismal. The script market is sluggish. Does that mean our attitude has to be as well? That’s not what Cats do. Cats view this as an opportunity to raise the bar higher.

savethecat_bookcover_revised3-200x300At Cat! Central, this is what we look forward to: striking back with a great big meow. We’re welcoming the new year, and its new challenges, with open paws… and we expect the same from each and everyone of you.

It’s time to sharpen those claws and bring on your A Game. No one said it would be easy, but nothing worthwhile ever is. This will mean sacrifice. You will have to give something up: spend less time texting, less time surfing the net, less time on Facebook or Twitter. Less time hopping bars and less time in front of that oh-so-lovely plasma TV you found next to your Christmas tree … which all adds up to more time for your craft.

How else do you intend to keep that writer in you in tiptop shape? Are you committed to writing at least 3 pages or one scene a day? At that rate you’ll have a first draft to celebrate just in time for Saint Patty’s Day.

How about reading a new script once a week? Websites, such as ScriptShadow, are invaluable in keeping writers abreast of what kind of scripts are being sold. And the best part is, you can download the script.

Are you putting yourself out there by joining a writing group and sticking with them week in and week out — collaborating, sharing, and pitching out ideas until your stories are resonating? Contests? If anything, they’ll keep you on a deadline.

Maybe you want to put aside some beer money for a workshop or writing class. After all, we’re holding our first LA Beat Sheet Workshop of 2010 next month, and revving up for our online school, Save the Cat! U!

Remember Blake’s post about commitment? The 10,000 hours? Discipline. Focus. Positive energy. Cats, it is TIME, once and for all, to muster that courage and americanpitch your script. Opportunities abound, whether through Virtual Pitch Fest, or one of our favorite events, The Great American Pitchfest, gearing up full steam for their annual event this June.

There are many ways to build up those glutimus writimus creative muscles in your brain and keep them firm and toned throughout the year. Make this the year that you shout to the world, “I am a WRITER!” We’re cheering you on! All you have to do is put in the work. Walk the walk. Talk the talk. Write the script. Write it well. Raise that bar. Up, down, up, down. Feel those muscles stretch and burn. We’ll be your spotter every step of the way. Because we’re sold on the idea that you have what it takes to see your dreams and potentials all the way through.

Development funding may be at its most frugal, but the industry also had its best box office weekend ever two weekends ago. So, believe us, they’re looking — and buying. BRING IT!

mv5bmtc1ntc1mduwnl5bml5banbnxkftztcwntg5ntkymq_v1_cr00300300_ss80_In Ron Howard’s Apollo 13, just as Jim Lovell and his crew are about to reenter the earth’s atmosphere, one NASA pessimist says, “This could be the worst disaster NASA’s ever experienced.” To which Gene Kranz, as he dons his wrinkle-free white vest, replies, “With all due respect, sir, I believe this is going to be our finest hour.”

Well said, Mr. Kranz.

Hollywood investors and producers are extra cautious nowadays — and that’s why we’re taking the plunge with you and helping you to commit to your future. We’re not sitting around looking for an excuse to say Later. It’s a new year and the time is Now!

A writer recently received the following reply from an agent regarding her script: “With Hollywood buying so few scripts these days, the bar is pretty high.”

What did that writer say when the agent passed on her script? She said, “I’m focusing on becoming a better writer.” And off she went to work on her next screenplay.

If we all welcome the New Year with this kind of attitude, we have no doubt — to quote an old friend — this will be our best year yet!

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  1. Bea says:

    “I’m focusing on becoming a better writer.” Great, great words!! Thanks for another awesome blog, Cats!

  2. Captain says:

    New Years Eve I saw The”Cat” at its best yet for me.The method has checks and ballances.I was stuck on page 75.It’s true “If” you don’t hear music playing from the theme of your movie and your setup and the opposite of page 55 on page 75 something is wrong.when you get it,it’s easy a cave man could do it.

  3. Claudia says:

    Captain, how is your wife doing? What surgery did she need?

    Great post guys. I’m trying to move out of this and into the “gym”, already have things planned. No, as Yoda said, “Do or Don Not, there is no try”… I can hear that from Blake and you guys as well! Bless you all!

  4. Captain says:

    Claudia,I can’t discuss illness on this blog except for the resolve I impart to you for the New Year.I was working in the hospital on New Years Eve.
    Fellow Cats,Take the death of our mentor and the other trials that break our hearts and tear our guts out,then bleed that passion from your hand onto the page of your script and do it now.
    Captain filmpencil@yahoo.com

  5. shanelaporte says:

    I’m hoping to have a script ready for the Nicholl!

  6. Amber Scott says:

    Discipline. Focus. Positive energy. I’m in! My New Year’s Resolution is this list with one addition: “Don’t complain, don’t explain.” -Dr. Wayne Dyer. In other words, shut up and put up, chica!
    Thanks so much for continuing the Cat legacy.
    I just finished my Save the Cat! Strikes Back winnings for my logline’s honorable mention and am raring to go. Meow.

  7. Jayne Cormie says:

    Just finished Save the Cat! Strikes Back…..love it! Thanks Blake and the Save the Cat! team for sharing your wisdom, experience and insights with us!