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All New Save the Cat! Software Is Here

By on March 15, 2019 in About the Beats, Today's Blog with 9 Comments

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Built from the ground up for all storytellers — from film and TV writers to novelists.

It’s never been easier to structure your story.  


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There Are 9 Comments

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  1. Tim McPike says:

    I’m getting lots of errors in Ver. 4.05. Where do I send the details of the error logs?

  2. I think it’s a vast upgrade, in so many ways, although two major things that stand out to me on my MacBook Pro Retina screen are the pixelated ‘blackboard’ background, and the similar inconsistent mix of high-res icons side by side with low-res icons with pixelated edges. It probably isn’t noticeable on an older screen.

    I hope that’s fixed in future updates. Other than that, great work Bob/everyone. A beautiful and user-friendly upgrade to a great software. Very stoked to try out the TV Series mode!

  3. Tim McPike says:

    Tech Support has been amazing, responding to bug reports by early the next morning. As of today, the major bugs have been squashed. This is an exciting and beautiful piece of writers’ software (and I own almost all of them). It has almost every tool you can think of to develop and track anything from a short story to a decade-long TV series or multiple-novel series. Kudos to the software architects and code-writers. Brilliant work. Blake (from my hometown, Evanston, IL) is smiling down from heaven.

  4. Karen Niehaus says:


    My name is Karen Niehaus and I have Save the Cat on my windows and I would like to know how can I put it on my Mac?

    Thank you,
    Karen Niehaus

  5. Don says:


    I have version 4.0 are you able to scroll your screen up and down, side to side?
    I know you can inlarge the certain sections but for some reason I’m having a hard time scrolling up and down ?

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