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The Beat Sheet Screenwriting Workshop

The September 2014 LA Workshop - Take One

The September 2014 LA Workshop – Take One (see below for Take Two)

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The In-Person Beat Sheet Screenwriting Workshop is like no other class for screenwriters. It goes far beyond simply teaching you the Save the Cat!® system of story structure principles to provide you with a hands-on approach that applies those principles to your next screenplay.

With this approach, you’ll walk in on Saturday morning with an idea for a film, and leave on Sunday evening with your title, logline, and the 15 key beats that will become the backbone of your screenplay. Because the class is limited to eight writers*, you will experience personalized interactive training each step of the way — from Fade In to Final Image.

“If I had to come up with a simple and poignant way to describe it, I’d call it the only workshop that you’ll ever find in Hollywood that encourages your story’s individuality.”
— Ebony Jones in her review on Coverage, Ink. Read Ebony’s entire review here.

Over the course of a weekend, you will:

  • Learn the difference between a pitch and a logline, and why you must nail each one.
  • Lock down your logline with the Save the Cat!® mini-story template to get out of any logline jam.
  • Learn the 15 key beats found in any story to make yours resonate with what is “primal.”
  • Crack the “Magical Midpoint” — the secret of every story’s power.
  • Find out why the Opening Image and the Final Image are your way to “doublecheck the math” of a hero’s transformation.
  • Practice your pitch and improve your technique in front of a friendly group of fellow writers eager to help you succeed.
  • Network with other writers.

Master Cat! Instructors

JosetheCatTeachingIn the Los Angeles workshops, you’ll be guided by José Silerio, a screenwriter who served as Blake Snyder’s Development Director. José has been integral to the success of Blake’s workshops and classes as he worked alongside Blake schooling writers in the Cat! method. “José is my right-hand man when it comes to script consultations.”– Blake Snyder, Save the Cat!® Strikes Back – More Trouble for Writers to Get Into… and Out Of. 


In the New York City workshops, you’ll be guided by Master Cat! Ben Frahm, a screenwriter who sold “Dr. Sensitive” to Universal, was a member of Blake’s Writers Group, and consulted on How to Train Your Dragon. “If this is your first time selling a script, take some advice from Ben Frahm. Ben has a true gift for concept.” – Blake Snyder, Save the Cat!® Strikes Back – More Trouble for Writers to Get Into… and Out Of

10628562_10203794473119066_4032324086856804725_nIn the Austin workshops, you’ll be guided by Alvaro Rodriguez. His writing credits include the film Machete and the television series From Dusk Till Dawn on the El Rey Network, the second season of which begins airing in August 2015. He attended the beat sheet workshop and master class with Blake Snyder and has led workshops in Austin and San Antonio. Additionally, he has made several appearances on the Austin Film Festival television show On Story on PBS, in conversation with award-winning writers and filmmakers, and has appeared on panels at AFF, the Great American Pitchfest and others.

As teachers and consultants, Jose, Ben, and Alvaro have helped numerous writers learn Blake’s paradigm and apply it to their projects. They can be seen in action on some of the STC! YouTube videos.

The Workshop Schedule

Day One

  • Find your story according to Blake’s four elements of every successful logline.
  • Crack your story and your hero’s transformation with the Opening Image, Midpoint, and Final Image.

Day Two

  • “Beat out” the remaining beats of your story using the Blake Snyder Beat Sheet (the BS2) .
  • Pitch your story to the class using the 15 key beats every successful movie must have.

The Next Beat Sheet Screenwriting Workshops:

Los Angeles (Santa Monica)

To Be Announced Soon


New York City (midtown Manhattan)

June 24-25, 2017

9:00 AM-6:00 PM each day


Enroll in one of our screenwriting workshops and receive a free copy of Blake Snyder’s third book, Save the Cat! Strikes Back, plus a $20 discount on Blake’s Story Structure Software!

Please note: Students need to have read the first four chapters of Save the Cat! (Blake’s first book) in order to enroll.


Questions about this class? Please contact the always helpful Rich Kaplan at

*A writing team working on a single project will be counted as a single writer at a special fee. Contact to enroll in a workshop as a team.


The September 2014 LA Workshop - Take Two (see above for Take One)

The September 2014 LA Workshop – Take Two (see above for Take One)