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Save the Cat!® Podcats: Deep Dive into the Blake Snyder Beat Sheet – Part 3: The First 3 Pillar Beats

By on September 7, 2018 in Podcasts with 3 Comments

7c35713d-6526-4627-9a3c-96e5af21842estcpodcats_605x480pxBlake Snyder believed that there are 6 beats or “pillars” that are most important—and that discovering these beats in your story will allow you to eventually grow all your 15 beats. In this podcats, Naomi Beaty and Don Roff consider the Opening Image, Midpoint, and Final Image—the first three of Blake’s pillars. How do these beats connect? Which might you start writing first? Listen up for some helpful advice to developing the foundation of your tale.

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naomi beaty and don roff

About the Author

About the Author: Naomi Beaty is a screenwriter and script reader who was mentored by Blake Snyder and worked with him on Save the Cat!® Goes to the Movies. She was an editor of Save the Cat!® Goes to the Indies and teaches in both our online and in-person writing workshops. Award-winning author Don Roff has written nearly 20 books, including Snowblind and the upcoming Clare at 16, which is being produced as a film by Dead Rabbit Films. .

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  1. Benja says:

    Just commenting to let you know that I love these podcasts!

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