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The Roman Quests 4: Return to Rome Novel Beat Sheet

By on January 12, 2018 in Beat Sheets, Novel Writing with 0 Comments
<i>The Roman Quests 4: Return to Rome</i> Novel Beat Sheet

Author Caroline Lawrence tells how she used the Save the Cat!® beat sheet to plot and polish the final book of her Roman Quests series, Return to Rome, published in the UK yesterday.

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Taken Beat Sheet

<i>Taken</i> Beat Sheet

Learn how to structure your screenplay by seeing how Luc Bresson and Robert Mark Kamen structured theirs.

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A Christmas Carol Novel Beat Sheet

<i>A Christmas Carol</i> Novel Beat Sheet

See how a book written in the 1840s hits Blake’s beats.

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Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas Beat Sheet

By on December 15, 2017 in Beat Sheets, Out Of The Bottle with 0 Comments
<i>Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas</i> Beat Sheet

See the classic’s beats.

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Poetry As Storytelling – An STC! Analysis of Billy Collins’ Forgetfulness

By on December 8, 2017 in Beat Sheets, Rites of Passage, Today's Blog with 5 Comments
Poetry As Storytelling – An <i>STC!</i> Analysis of Billy Collins’ <i>Forgetfulness</i>

See how a poem hits the beats.

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The Witch Beat Sheet

By on November 17, 2017 in Beat Sheets, Monster In The House with 2 Comments
<i>The Witch</i> Beat Sheet

See the story beats of this coming-of-age MITH.

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Halloween Beat Sheet

By on October 27, 2017 in Beat Sheets, Monster In The House with 11 Comments
<i>Halloween</i> Beat Sheet

See how the John Carpenter-Debra Hill classic hits Blake Snyder’s story beats.

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Friday the 13th Beat Sheet

By on October 13, 2017 in Beat Sheets, Monster In The House
<i>Friday the 13th</i> Beat Sheet

Don Roff breaks down this classic horror tale.

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Save the Kitten: STC! and Micro-Shorts

Save the Kitten: <i>STC!</i> and Micro-Shorts

Watch a captivating short film and follow along with its beat sheet!

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Get Out Beat Sheet

By on September 29, 2017 in Beat Sheets, Monster In The House with 13 Comments
<i>Get Out</i> Beat Sheet

Writer/director Jordan Peele’s movie holds a mirror up to our society.

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