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The Save the Cat!® Screenplay Challenge Is Here!

By on October 15, 2018 in About the Beats with 16 Comments

live cat plus title and 50 points square


All entrants receive 50 points of analysis.

Our approach is simple: a screenplay competition that uses the same language the writer, the reader and the decision makers use when analyzing your work.

A novel idea, right? Get everyone working off of the same page, literally! 🙂

We are fortunate enough that Save the Cat! and the 15 story points (our beat sheet) is part of creative culture and has become the shared language between the creator, the reader and the decision maker.

We are going to put this to use to better position you to sell your work. Plain and simple.

Introducing…. “Blake Snyder’s SAVE THE CAT! SCREENPLAY CHALLENGE”

All entrants receive the following:

  • 50 points of analysis report adapted from the Save the Cat! Greenlight Checklist (Save the Cat! Strikes Back — pages 104-108)
  • A review by readers and judges trained in the Save the Cat! Methodology
  • Feedback grounded in structure and marketability and consistently applied to all screenplays
  • Over $495.00 worth of feedback

Grand Prize Winner(s)

  • 3-day trip to LA ($600)
  • 3-night hotel stay ($1200)
  • Live table read to bring your work to life
  • Poster/key visual development
  • In-room pitch practice sessions with industry executives
  • A real pitch to a production company in LA
  • 12-month subscription to host your work on The Black List and INKTIP on us
  • Save the Cat! 4.0 Software

All finalists will receive the following

  • 12-month subscription to host your work on The Black List and INKTIP on us
  • A designed poster of your film
  • Save the Cat! 4.0 Software

Your Submissions

  • We want screenplays that are entertaining, that grab the audience—after all, if it ain’t on the page, it ain’t on the screen
  • It’s going to be a wild and fun ride. But most importantly, we are here because we believe that you’ve got potential to develop and sell your work.

Regular Deadline – January 31, 2019: $135 USD

Late Deadline – February 22, 2019: $140 USD

Extended Deadline – March 15, 2019: $145 USD

Notification Date: April 19, 2019

Rules and Terms can be seen on the FilmFreeway site.



A producer and partner of Practical Pictures, Sheila is known for such movie franchises as American Pie, Final Destination, and Cats & Dogs, which have earned over $500 million worldwide. In 2018, Sheila produced the box-office hit Breaking In. She is also a visiting professor and lecturer at various film programs around the globe.

AlvaroRodriguezvanALVARO RODRIGUEZ
The creator and writer of the upcoming Seis Manos, Netflix’s first original anime series set in Mexico, Al has also written for NBC’s Chicago Fire and for the television series From Dusk Till Dawn. Al’s film credits include Machete and The Last Rampage. He attended the beat sheet workshop and master class taught by Blake Snyder.

berman photovanillaJULIET BERMAN
As Head of Development at Treehouse Pictures, Juliet oversees the development and packaging of the Treehouse Pictures slate. Her credits at Treehouse include Producer of Set It Up, released on Netflix this year, Executive Producer on Sand Castle also for Netflix, Co-producer on Mediterranea, and more.

Watch this space for more news.


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There Are 16 Comments

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  1. Christopher Duff says:

    Opportunity knocks ?

  2. josh says:

    $125?!?! haha Yikes

  3. Paul says:

    The STC contest rules indicate a script length between 70-120 pages. I have a script thats 95 pages . On FilmFreeway, a pop up indicates the script must be between 100 – 120 pages to proceed. So what’s up with that?

    • BJ says:

      Thanks for pointing that out, Paul. We’ve fixed the discrepancy! You shouldn’t have a problem submitting now.

      • Paul says:

        Thanx! I’m entering and will be happy to see how my script plays out in STC structure.

        BTW- I read Josh’s comment – $125?!?! haha Yikes
        … perhaps you should point out how much these items would normally cost on your spec page.

        All writers will receive:
        • A review by readers and judges trained in the Save the Cat! Methodology -$$$
        • A Save the Cat! script coverage report -$$$
        • Meaningful feedback grounded in structure and marketability -$$$

        See ya! Have a good day.

  4. Dan says:

    The key to any contest being worth the price of admission is the judges. What industry people are involved? Who are the readers? Who’s going to see my script? The STC contest seems to be a bit light on this info so far. I won a film festival screenwriting competition years ago, but because there was no film industry presence, it was worthless. So who’s involved with the Save The Cat contest?

  5. BJ Markel says:

    Thanks for the question, Dan! Our readers are writers who have blogged on our website — all either directly mentored by Blake Snyder and/or fully conversant in his principles. Our judges are all either producers with real credits and/or writers who have sold scripts. We will be announcing the latter in eblasts and page updates. Please stay tuned. We’ve got great people who make things happen lined up.

  6. Matt says:

    When does all of the feedback come back? At the very end of the contest regardless if you place or not? If I were to submit my script today, do I still have to wait until May to get the feedback? How does that work? Thank you.

  7. Mark says:

    Sorry, typo: Can you enter MORE THAN ONE screenplay?

    • Jason Kolinsky says:

      Hi Mark,

      Thank you for the question!

      You can submit more than one screenplay, we have not placed a limit on the amount of screenplays that any single individual can submit.

  8. Susan M says:

    I’m not clear on the distinctions between late and extended. If I submit by March 15, 2019, will my script be accepted? Is the only difference the fee one pays?

  9. Casey says:

    Will there be more contests in the future?

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